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Beta Electric Group Inc. offer a wide range of solutions for your electrical needs: Residential, Commercial, Maintenance Equipment Installations, Correct problems before a breakdown or injury occurs  and soon we are offering  Home Automation to do  Smart Homes. 

1. Specialists service upgrades 100,200,300,400,600 Amps.

2. Change panel fuses to circuits breakers .

3. Specialists in replacement old Knob and Tube wiring in
Aluminum wiring with appropriate copper wiring. 

4. Lighting, indoor and outdoor pot lights and fluorescent.

5. New constructions, temporary power, renovations, additions, basement wiring.

6. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors .

7. Trouble-shooting, problem solving, service calls.

8. Machine/ Equipment Installations

9.Machine/ Equipment Maintenance Plan

10. Wiring home networks (computer, telephone and cable wiring).

11. Electrical connections agree with inspections.

12. We specialize in Knob and Tube wire replacement in Toronto